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Let’s find the figure! (Halloween)

There are a lot of documents where we can read about how important is the attention for children growth. Even for academic achievement.

Obviously, this is not the only important condition to improve their capacities and to be successful with their studies. But, if attention skills are poor, it will affect to the real possibilities of our students to learn.

Family at home is so important to help on the process of attention improvement. Here you have some useful advises and activities to help you:


  • Suggest the exercises always as a game, even play with them if necessary.
  • Choose different activities to avoid bore and exhaustion.
  • Practice twice or three times a week and not for longer than 15 minutes.
  • The best moment to practice is when they are going to do their homework or when they are in the middle of them, try not to do it once they have finished, it won’t be effective enough.
  • Try not to help them with the activities, only when they really need some help.
  • In case of mistake, It’s better if the child tries to correct the exercises alone, because he will learn not to do those mistakes again.

 Shall we play? Here you have an example:



Duplicated pictures1

Duplicated pictures2

Duplicated pictures3

Duplicated pictures4

Duplicated pictures8

Duplicated pictures5

Duplicated pictures7

Duplicated pictures6

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