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Cross Bingo Animals (Part 2)


Here you have the second part of the animals bingos.

Keep on working with activities to improve some skills. When children are growing, it’s very important to work on visual stimulation, children attention, visual perception… these skills will help them even in their routine.

Enjoy them!





Cross_Bingo_animals_11 (4X4)

Cross_Bingo_animals_12 (4X4)

Cross_Bingo_animals_13 (4X4)

Cross_Bingo_animals_14 (4X4)

Cross_Bingo_animals_15 (4X4)

Cross_Bingo_animals_16 (4X4)

Cross_Bingo_animals_17 (4X4)

Cross_Bingo_animals_18 (4X4)

Cross_Bingo_animals_19 (4X4)

Cross_Bingo_animals_20 (4X4)

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